Welcome to Biotoon, organic agricultural products.

Biotoon is the trade mark of organic vegetables produced by & Marinus Hospers in Flevoland, the central polder region in the Netherlands. These organic veggies are sold by our cooperative Nautilus to  wholesalers and retailers in many European countries. We do have cold stores and our own cleaning, sorting, grading and packing lines. We produce shelf-ready products on a daily basis.

Our main products are:

  • Carrots and in summer bunched carrots 
  • Broccoli, Chinese-, Savoye- and Pointed cabbages
  • Red- and White cabbages and mixes there of. 
  • Parsnips and Parsely roots
  • Orange en green Pumpkins
  • Red en yellow onions
  • Several varieties and grades of potatoes. 

On the product page you can find the assortment of packing materials we can provide.

Of course when you have specific wishes we will also try to accomodate you.  Contact  Nautilus or us for all the possibilities. sales@nautilusorganic.nl

Ribollita (dubbelgekookte soep)

RibollitaItaliaanse maaltijdsoep met savooikool, boerenbrood, wortels en witte bonen.

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(bron: Allerhande )
Sloefweg 18
8316 PL Marknesse

Telefoon Biotoon Marinus 06 1248 1166
Telefoon Biotoon Romek 06 2765 0003
Telefoon Biotoon info@biotoon.nl